Diogene Karangwa

Diogene KarangwaDiogene Karangwa is a Rwandan practitioner and researcher, experienced in the management of projects implemented at community level.  He holds a Master of Science (MSc) in Project Management from Jomo Kenyatta University in Rwanda, an Accredited Diploma in Groupwork Practice, and certificates in genocide and mass atrocities studies and in human rights, and conflict management.

In addition to the coordination of projects, Diogene Karangwa has also worked as a Participatory Action Researcher in the context of community-based sociotherapy. In that position his research focused on the effectiveness of community-based sociotherapy, intergenerational transmission of legacies of violence, mixed marriages, psychosocial dynamics in the family and community, and economic development. He is an experienced trainer on the community-based sociotherapy approach and grassroot advocacy in Rwanda, DRC, South Sudan and Ethiopia. His current strategic and research interest focuses on the transformative approaches after the violence and learning from “righteous people” to build peaceful communities, capable to resist and prevent violence.