Felix Bigabo

Felix BigaboMr. Felix Bigabo is a MA holder in psychology, with over 14 years of experiences in the field of reconciliation, healing and peacebuilding. Since 2008, he contributed to the post-genocide rehabilitation effort as an employee of the non-governmental organization Prison Fellowship Rwanda. In this organization, he took on different positions related to project management, research, and the coordination of programs. Since 2014 he has worked as coordinator for the sociotherapy programme. Throughout his long experience in healing, reconciliation, and psychosocial support to genocide survivors, and genocide prisoners, he also conducted research in the field of peacebuilding and psychosocial rehabilitation of genocide offenders and genocide survivors. He is the first author of the article: “From Child to Genocide Perpetrator: Narrative Identity Analysis Among Genocide Prisoners Incarcerated in Muhanga Prison, Rwanda”, and co-authored: “The acceptance in post-genocide Rwanda: Understanding the action-based reconciliation model between the former genocide prisopost-genocidecide survivors in post-genocide Rwanda”. Felix is also a professional trainer on inside mediation, restorative justice and community-based sociotherapy.