Lucie Nzaramba

Lucie Nzaramba is a holder of Master’s degree in development studies and Bachelor’s degree in sociology. She has different professional certificates of various completed courses including mental health and trauma recovery, peacebuilding with a specialization in the community based sociotherapy approach, project management with special expertise in gender and conflicts mediation.

She works for Community Based Sociotherapy Rwanda as Executive Director since 2017 up to date. She also worked in public institutions as well as in civil society organizations for over 10 years and has occupied different positions in relation to the management and leadership. By fulfilling various community roles mostly in consultative and advisory councils, Lucie played a remarkable role in promoting socio-economic development of various people including women and children. Being a member of different forums, Lucie has advocated for the promotion of psycho-social support initiatives in post-conflict societies and for elimination of gender-based violence.