Rickie-Nelly Ndagano

Rickie-Nelly NdaganoRickie-Nelly Ndagano is a practitioner and researcher with extensive theoretical and technical knowledge in access to justice (transitional and informal justice) and rule of law. She brings together programme management experience with expertise in conflict management, reconciliation, social cohesion, peacebuilding and learning, with psychosocial support as a key component of her work. Her recent work focused on the intergenerational transmission of memories in the context of Burundi.

Rickie-Nelly is a Burundian national with a master’s degree in political sociology,¬†having also experience in the electoral field (Burundi, CAR, Chad, DRC) as an election observer. Her ambition throughout her career has always been to work for social justice and integrating local knowledge into sustainable responses to the challenges faced by the communities and society in general.