Stefan Jansen

Stefan JansenStefan Jansen, PhD. is Associate Professor in Neuroscience and works at the University of Rwanda since September 2011. He is currently the Director of Research and Innovation at the College of Medicine and Health Sciences and strives to make the College a leading health research institution in the region and beyond. He is also the founder and current head of the Mental Health and Behaviour Research Group, where his research focusses on a variety of topics, including intergenerational transmission of trauma and PTSD, Gender Based Violence and youth psychosocial wellbeing and uses a wide range of methodological approaches, including neuro-imaging, genetics/epigenetics, psychometrics, Randomized Controlled Trials, ethnography, among others. A particular focus of his research is to generate evidence and develop tools and theory around local knowledge and local practice for mental health and psychosocial support solutions.